What is The Average GPA For Getting Into College
Date:May 06, 2018
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Students who are applying to colleges often wonder, ‘How good is my GPA?’ What they want to know is, can they get into the schools they want based on their grades. There is no standard answer to this question because schools all have different standards. Some don’t care about GPA whatsoever. Others have very strict limitations and will not stray from those. Many have guidelines, but allow admissions some flexibility.

Admission to Colleges Based on GPA

First, these are only guidelines. You must check with any school that interests you for their policies on GPA. However, here are some things to consider when figuring the GPA needed to get into college.

  • Community and Junior colleges often admit students with any GPA. However, you may be required to take an entrance exam and take remedial classes if your scores are not high enough.

  • Many 4-year state universities want a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. However, there are many exceptions to this. There are research universities and other public schools that have extremely rigorous admissions requirements.

  • Just because your GPA is good enough for admission into a college or university, that doesn’t mean you will get into the program of your choice.

GPA is Not The Only Factor

Students should be cautious about hanging their hopes on a GPA. There have been many instances where a student lost their slot at a school to a student with a lower grade point average. Remember that schools consider your application essay, community leadership, whether or not you have any alumni connections, SAT or ACT scores, the number of seats in the program you want, activities, and many other factors.

They also take ‘fit’ into consideration. Schools want students who will fit the campus culture. They want students who share their values and priorities. For example, a conservative school with a strong ROTC program may not be the place for a student who has led anti-war initiatives, even if that student is a member of the National Honor Society.

Learn What Your School of Choice Values

The best way to prepare to get into a great school is to learn as much as you can about it, and to make connections. Read up on famous alumni. Check out the school’s mission statement. Learn about their athletic department and most popular activities. Follow the school on social media. Most importantly, connect with someone in the admissions department. They are the best source of information on what they want to see in your transcript, including your grades.

If your GPA isn’t the best, you may be able to identify other ways you can impress the school. For example, you can try attending special summer programs, volunteer at school events, or even check out dual enrollment programs with local community colleges. This will allow you to attend some classes, take advantage of study skills and enrichment classes, and eventually earn a spot as a full-time student.

Conclusion: Get Started Now

You don’t need to wait until your senior year. Instead, start researching now. Even high school freshman can put themselves on the right track by learning as much about admissions as they can. Of course, keeping your grades up is key as well.