Privacy Policy

We want all users of our site to understand the types of information we collect from them and what we do with that information. Our goal is to protect the privacy of both visitors and users, and this policy will outline exactly what we do. We urge you to read through it so you can feel confident that your information will be protected.

Information We Collect

We do collect two types of information – some on visitors and more on registered users.

  1. General and Anonymous Information

When visitors access our site, we do want to know the browsers they are using and the IP addresses. We also track where they go, the pages they access, and the length of time they spend on these pages. We use this information to ensure that our site is working well for all browsers and that our pages are loading quickly. We want our visitors to have a great experience.

  1. User Information

When an individual registers and sets up an account with us, they will provide a full name and email address. We do not publish this information, and our users are only known by their first name and last name initial. Once a user sets up an account and a profile, he can then participate in discussions, post comments, and interact with other users. We do ask that, if user information changes, they notify us.


We use temporary cookies when users access our site. And we use a persistent cookie so that user login is easy and fast. Any user can disable cookies at any time, although this may impact the user experience on the site.

User-Posted Content

Users may post content but must understand that the content is “public” and can be accessed and shared by anyone else. User content is posted at user risk, and we are not responsible for any consequences that may occur.

Users can set up privacy settings and may remove content they have previously posted. However, we cannot guarantee that hose privacy setting are permanent, nor that previously posted content will be removed. It could have already been accessed and shared by others.

Terms of Use Agreement

We do have a terms and conditions agreement which establishes the rights and responsibilities of our users and us. Users must read through this agreement, because it does speak to the types of content that may and may not be posted, as well as consequences when the terms and conditions, or other legal restrictions are violated.

User Invitations to Others

We are always happy to welcome new users. If a current user wished to invite someone to join our site, that user must submit the name and email address of the invitee to us. We will then email the invitation. We do keep this information for future use, but anyone can opt out of receiving emails from us at any time.

Minor Use of Site

Any child who is not yet 13 may not use our site. Children between the ages of 13 – 18 may, but we encourage them to get parental permission before joining. If we find an account user under the age of 13, we will terminate that account until parents provide a notarized statement giving permission.

Use of Personal Information by Our Users

We do send emails to our users – we often have information we think they may find of interest and we also send notifications of any changes or new features on our site. Users can opt out of our emails at any time.

User who share their personal information with other users are responsible for any consequences that may occur.

Our Use of User Information

We use email addresses to send users information we believe may be of interest and also to send important notifications. Any user may opt out of our emails.

User Information to Third Parties

There may be times when third parties offer information that we believe may be of use or interest to our users. We may provide user emails to these third parties; but we never provide any other personal information.

When We Share Full User Information

There are circumstances in which we do share full information:

  1. A legal entity or authority may request it

  2. A court may subpoena it

  3. We may believe that a user has violated the law and we will report the incident and the user’s information to appropriate authorities

  4. When a user makes a purchase of a product or service through our site, personal and financial information will be shared with a third-party payment processor.

Third Party Links on Our Site

Users will find links to third-party sites on our site. If and when they link to those third-party sites, they do so at their own risk. We do not guarantee any information, products, or services of such third parties.

When a user leaves our site for a third-party, this privacy policy no longer applies.

Our Commitment to Site Security

We use the most current and sophisticated tools to protect the information that our users provide regarding their personal identities and contact information. However, if a user shares any information with another user or third-party, we are not responsible for any consequences.

Our Policies are Binding

When users register on our site, they are automatically bound by all of our policies. And any user also agrees that he has read and understood our policies.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

If our Privacy Policy should change, we will notify all users of such changes. They go into effect as soon as they are published on our site.