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What we Did: Review Methodology And Steps

The following is our review of Writing Daddy. We are writing this to provide students and others with the information they need to determine whether or not this is the right writing service for their needs. Is Writing Daddy safe? Can they provide students and others with quality, original papers? Here are the steps we took in order to answer these questions:

  • We placed an order for a college level essay.

  • We reviewed the essay for accuracy and quality.

  • We read multiple customer reviews of WritingDaddy.

  • We Googled WritingDaddy.com BBB.

  • We read online WritingDaddy testimonials

  • We explored the website

  • We engaged with both our writer and customer support staff

  • We conducted a price comparison and researched discounts such as Writing Daddy promo codes

The rest of our review follows. Final conclusions are at the end.

Our Review Criteria

Our review criteria is quite simple. We expect services to provide excellent writing. It should be free from plagiarism or other issues. They should offer a variety of writing services. Pricing should be competitive.

About WritingDaddy.Com: History Services And Other Special Notes

This is a full service writing company. In fact, their services go beyond simply writing. As such, this could almost be considered a content service provider. In addition to assisting students, they also work with business professionals, and teachers. In addition to the standard products, there is a blog, add-on services, and much more content available as well.

The Low Down on Writing And Customer Support

We were told that we should expect to be impressed, and we were. First, the writing quality is impeccable. There was little editing to be done if any at all. The paper was also delivered before it was due. Downloading it for review was quite simple.

Customer support is available 24/7. As part of this review, we contacted them many times. The support teams knowledge of policies was quite impressive. They politely answered our questions and provided us with the information that they need.

Prices And Discounts

WritingDaddy.com prices are very attractive. At 15 dollars per page, the rates are quite standard. Taking into consideration the quality writing and attentive customer support we received, this is an amazing value.

In addition to the excellent prices, we were fortunate to be able to use a WritingDaddy coupon. This brought another saving of 15%.  Happily, this is not the only WritingDaddy.com discount code. There are others for loyal customers, large orders, and even seasonal discounts.

Final Thoughts

We are happy to conclude by stating that our final rating of WritingDaddy.com is excellent. First, they are clearly a reputable company with quality services to offer a wide variety of clients. Reviews of WritingDaddy.com are quite positive. Our experiences with writing, customer support, website design, and other features were all excellent as well. Prices, discounts, and other features were quite impressive and added to an overall positive experience. We strongly recommend this writing service to students and others in need of writing assistance.

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Reviewed WritingDaddy.com

The last thing I was expecting them to do is to give me a full discount of 20% for my birthday. I didn`t just pass math multiple choice questions quiz, but passed it with the flying colors and not without their help!

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